Friday, 10 November 2017

It's Been a Wee While....

Home from the Emerald Isle...still recovering from a most wonderful adventure with Miss V. Got to see the sights, spend time with a loved one, make new friends, and of course - play a little music!! For now here's a little clip from a jam session I sat in at O'Connor's pub in the beautiful village of Doolin! 

I also got to experience the "thrill" of driving, left-handed stick, on the left hand of their very narrow In some areas the posted speed limit was 100km/hr....I did 40km/hr - tour buses, on coming cars and SHEEP - OH MY! - needless to say there were a few times after a long day of driving, I'd have a nice shot of Irish Whiskey to soothe my poor nerves.


Before we took off on our adventure, I got to catch up with my old pal Wendell Ferguson, the marvellous Rick Fines, Suzie Vinnick, Jenny Whitely and Joey Wright who performed at our annual "Between the Lines" songwriters showcase at the Cove Inn. Truly gifted songwriters - I love these shows. I love that these talented people have an opportunity to perform their art in a concert setting, with people....Listening. Wow. 

Winter is definitely moving into Eastern Ontario and our thoughts turn to warming wood fires, comfort food, well loved old sweaters... Still adjusting to early onset of darkness this week, those with 9-5 jobs aren't loving the drive home in the dark and well, it can be a tough time for many folks for different reasons, this prolonged period of darkness... Often times, I find playing music helps - a good song, can be healing ray of sunshine on an otherwise bleak day. It really is therapy. 

This weekend, we'll join a bunch of Kingston's finest musicians at Blu Martini on Sunday, November 12 to make a joyful noise and shine the light on two of Kingston's best loved and most dedicated Live Music Cheerleaders, Mavis Livingston & Greg Richmond - fondly known as "Greavis". Starts at 3pm and goes til 11pm. $5.00 gets you in for all the fun, and all monies raised are being split between the Kingston Sexual Assault Centre and Joe's Mill. Great Music for a great cause!

By the way we still have some open dates if you'd like us to come play at YOUR holiday gathering - get in touch! In the meantime - Stay Cool & Keep Warm.

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